Women's ministry

Step into our women's ministry, a place of connection, inspiration, and shared experiences, where women come together to grow spiritually and support one another. 

Women's Bible Study

"Stuck" by Jennie Allen

Every other Thursday beginning February 8th. Please order your participant's guide and let Jessica know which group you will join.

1:00 pm @ Jessica's house and 7:00 pm @ Patti's house

Probably because there is a difference between just being nice – nice only means that one is pleasant, polite and civilized. 

But what about kindness? Genuine kindness is more about making someone feel included, welcomed, and then demonstrated through thoughtfulness and caring.

Kindness makes people feel valued, like someone has gone out of their way on our behalf. They pay attention for any specific needs and rally to meet them. By doing so, not only does that demonstrate kindness but it also build relationships.

That’s what our new Women’s Ministry group called Tongue and Groove is all about. You recall that Jesus Christ is often referred to as the Master Carpenter?

It is with that thought in mind, the name of our new ministry, Tongue and Groove, is all about building relationships that fit together beautifully; relationships that will hold strong and last long. It is also about what the Bible says about women in Titus 2. The older women need the younger to teach them, help them with things that are out of their realm and experience; likewise the younger women can have the benefit of the life experience of the older ones.

Our first opportunity to start this new build will be on Saturday, March 16th from 10 to 12pm at the church building. And for an exercise in getting to know one another better, we want each of you to bring a picture of a “younger” version of yourself. We will all try and guess who it is a picture of. There just might be a prize involved to whomever can identify the most people.

For our first event, we are inviting women ages 18 and up. During the event you will help make decisions about the future topics we will discuss and the random acts of kindness we can all do together, for one another as well as the community. 

Please reach out to one of the members of the planning team to sign up for the event!

Members of the planning team are: